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The InTouch Machine Edition Web Thin Client is a powerful tool for getting access to HMI applications designed inInTouch Machine Edition remotely. The web thin client is especially valuable to plant managers who wish to view a process while in an office or using a smartphone or PDA. OEMs may also benefit from providing a web thin client for use in viewing the HMIs used in equipment.

What Devices Run the Web Thin Client?

The web thin client will run on a variety of devices. Any windows desktop powered with Internet Explorer (including IE10) will be able to access the web thin client. In addition, embedded operating systems such as Embedded Standard or Compact will display the thin client.


The web thin client provides operators and plant managers with a full graphical representation of screens, which correspond exactly to those available on the host machine. In addition, because the web thin client requires far less computing power to use, cost can be saved in hardware. Another added benefit is improved downtime. If the hardware supporting the web thin client goes down, there is nothing to reinstall, so it is easy to swap one panel for a new one and bring a machine back online instantly. To view a demo of the web thin client, please follow the instructions below.

 Click on the View demo link below to connect to the InTouch Machine Edition Server.

  • You will be prompted:
  • User Name: Guest Password:
    • [no password required]
  • Press OK to access the demo application


View demo


Important note:

It requires the installation of a plug-in (ISSymbol ActiveX control), which should be done automatically when the user attempts to visualize the screens for the first time from the Web Thin Client station (as long as the security settings of IE allows to automatic installation of plug-ins). Ideal for multi-purpose stations (e.g.: Manager’s computer). If you have any problem viewing the demo, please check the Troubleshooting section below.


This section describes some example architectures applied for web-based solutions and provides information on how to configure the project for each architecture. This section does not describe all possible architectures, but it provides the basic concepts necessary to design different scenarios based on the basic architectures illustrated below.



If you have any problem viewing the demo, please check the following items:

Make sure that your Web Browser is Internet Explorer version 10 or higher.

The first time that you attempt to connect to the Server, your browser will download the ISSymbol control from Wonderware’s web site. It may take a few seconds or even minutes (depending on the speed of your internet connection). After downloading this control, you will be prompted with a dialog asking if you want to install ISSymbol in your computer. Just press the Yes button and you will be connected to the demo application. This procedure is only executed the first time you attempt to view the demo from your computer.

Make sure that the following settings from the Security system from Internet Explorer are set asEnable or Prompt (Tools > Internet Options > Security (Custom Level):

Download signed ActiveX controls

Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins.

Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.

Note:  Due to new Windows security requirements, some Windows 8 machines may not allow updating of the ISSymbol.ocx in Internet Explorer. The symptoms of this issue occurring is the Live demo web page will remain blank after following the instructions shown above.


If this happens, manually install the ISSymbol.ocx. Just run the Thin Client Installation (after you download and install the Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition from its web page you can find theThin Client Setup here: C:\Program Files\Wonderware\InTouch Machine Edition v8.0\Redist\WebAddOn\ThinClient\ThinClientSetup.exe

As an alternative, Internet Explorer can be Run As Administrator before navigating to the Live Demo. Once the ISSymbol.ocx is installed, if you do not immediately get the demo logon screen, close I.E. and restart it normally.

If the problem persists, please Contact Us.

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